Pro Wrestling Report: Hulk Hogan Signed a Short Term WWE Contract

A trusted source told that Hulk Hogan has signed a short term contract with WWE and will appear on WWE Programming by January at the earliest. Could this mean a surprise Royal Rumble entrant from Hulk Hogan? Could he have one last one run with the WWE…BROTHER?!

My Take: People complain when they hear about Legends returning to WWE, especially Hulk Hogan, who spent to much time at TNA. I want Hulk Hogan to return at Royal Rumble 2014 and have a final match at Wrestlemania 30alg-hogan-jpg

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Short article, i know, but Hulk Hogan returning is HUGE NEWS BROTHER!

Pro Wrestling Report: Mark Henry’s New Look and His Halloween Costume

Mark Henry has recently lost weight, received a new haircut, and is currently looking forward to returning to the ring. Mark Henry has been off tv since his WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank. Hopefully, Mark Henry returns to the WHC or IC title picture. Today is Halloween and Mark Henry is dressed up as Rick Ross. I know this report is short, but I have more to come. Stay tuned, everyone!!!! Happy Halloween Weekend!

henry_haircut_314Mark Henry’s New Look

02_MarkHenry_HaircutMark Henry’s New Look 2

Screenshot2013-10-31at1.13.57PM_crop_northMark Henry’s Halloween Costume!!!