World Star Wrestling Bio

Hi, my name is Quadree Breeland, I am 21, and I have a passion for Pro Wrestling. I started watching WWE around 2003-2005 and stopped watching when The Rock left the company. He was my favorite wrestler and when he left, I didn’t think there was a reason to watch WWE anymore. Then, around 2010, I started watching WWE again because of two wrestlers. John Cena and CM Punk. At that time, CM Punk was given a major rise as a WWE Superstar due to his Straight Edge Society. I was so adamant on staying away from Pro Wrestling, but I think being a fan has always been apart of me and I, myself, needed a push to watch again. After that, I couldn’t stop watching Pro Wrestling. I even educating myself about the years I missed in wrestling, going on forums, playing the recent games, subscribing to wrestling channels on YouTube, watching PPVs, etc. In pro wrestling, I love the moves, announcers, managers, the story told by the wrestlers’ sweat, blood, and tears. I am a creative guy and I would like to thank Johnny Glitter and his father for choosing me to be apart of this amazing company. I started watching Pro Wrestling in my bedroom as a middle school student and now, I’m finally apart of an amazing company with so much respect and history and it doesn’t feel real.