Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt is one of the oldest comic book stores in Philadelphia and also one of the most popular in Center City Philadelphia. Since it’s inception in 1976, Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt has provided customers a variety of comic books from all genres including science fiction, fantasy, romance, action, and much more. Fat Jack’s also supplies apparel and accessories from many different genres for all types of customers according to their niche. Costumes from a favorite show, comic book, anime, or video game are available for customers as well for cosplay events and/or conventions. Many genres of DVDs are obtainable from people’s different niches from an entire series, seasons, etc. They have practically everything you want in the nerd society.


The audience for comic book fans are known as “nerds” or “geeks” who are into sci fi, fantasy, horror, romance, and other kinds of comic books. Japanese comics, or manga as fans prefer to call them are well-liked to many readers as well because of the growing popularity of manga. Studies show that 53% of women like comics more than men, which is 47%. Comic book fans come from all walks of life from long time fans to new fans use Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt.

Long time fans of comic books are usually fans of Marvel, DC(Detective Comics), Vertigo, Dark Horse, and other types of comic books as well. New, or “casual” fans read comics and/or manga that are based on a recent or upcoming movie. Free Comic Book Day is an event that is held at Fat Jack’s in which people can pick up one free comic book every year. New fans also read comics and/or manga on their favorite character in a movie, tv show, anime video game, or etc.


Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt also holds events and costume parties for comic book fans. It’s events range from cosplaying as your favorite character from a favorite comic book, anime, or video game character. On Halloween, Marvel fans come in the store dressed as Iron Man, Captain America, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, and many other characters. DC fans dress up as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and characters from DC shows as well. Some fans even suit up as characters from The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones. Anime characters are seen more often because of the growing popularity of anime and manga. Those fans are usually called “Otakus” and they dress up as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, etc characters. Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt also holds quizzes and prizes for who has the best costume.


Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt advertises and has rights to comic books from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, independent comics, to Japanese comics. People come in the store not only to buy comic books, but some buy t-shirts, necklaces, and other apparel as well. Without the approval from their respected media conglomerates, Fat Jack’s would close down and fans couldn’t go into their favorite comic book store anymore.

Comic Book fans read comics in two different ways. Some fans prefer to read comics “old school”, or in physical form. Other fans prefer to read comics online. The reason that fans prefer to read comics in physical form because they feel that they are enthralled in the comics mire in physical form. Digital readers prefer to read comic books and/or manga online because they want convenience or they don’t have time to read comics in physical form.


Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt’s atmosphere allows fans of old and new to experience comics any way they wish. Fat Jack’s offers new comics every week or month, but they also offer knowledge to readers who are new to comics.

Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt also makes appearances at comic book conventions, mostly at Wizard World Comic Con and holds events at the store as well for fans to buy comics, meet their favorite authors, artists, etc.

Video Games are not available at Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt for purchase, but they do have arcade games for customers to play such as X-men, Sailor Moon, Asteroids, and other vintage arcade games. A cafe is available too for customers to relax and read. Fat Jack’s offers great coffee, danishes, hot and cold food to many customers. Jobs are also available at Fat Jack’s, but they must be familiar with comic books. The workers at Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt are known to be very nice, helpful, and down to earth.

Neal Adams Prize Winners

For comic book, manga, video game, sci fi, horror, and other “nerds” from all walks of life are welcome at Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt for many of their needs. For over 30 years, Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt has become one of the most popular and oldest comic book store in Philadelphia and they have a new location in New Jersey. From comic books, DVDs, manga, light novels, cosplay, apparel, and much more, Fat Jack’s is open for all. Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt, to this day, is thriving with new customers, old and young with comic books, apparel, and new items every day.

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