Why I like Pro Wrestling

I am a professional wrestling fan who likes to watch professional wrestling. I love the bumps the scripted events, the promos, the botches, the characters, the gimmicks, and the crowds. I know that pro wrestling is choreographed and scripted, but people still get hurt wrestling by taking bumps. Bumps are falls that wrestlers have to take for the audience and/or the script. Yes, pro wrestling is scripted. but diving off of a ladder and onto a table really hurts.

One example is the infamous Hell in A Cell match between Mankind and Undertaker. Undertaker used his chokeslam move to slam Mankind through the top of the cell. Mankind almost died that day and he still continued to wrestle after that. He suffered a spinal injury, a broken neck, a broken rib, and a ruptured lung. It was a miracle he survived the fall . What some people don’t know is that Mankind/Mick Foley wanted it to happen.

I went to my first WWE Raw in December of 2011 at the Wells Fargo Center and I had a blast. I saw John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and my favorite wrestler CM Punk. I had great seats in the lower section and it was definitely a great christmas present. My second time at a WWE Raw show was in December of 2012. I won tickets from myphl and that time, I sat in the front row. I actually shook a wrestler’s hand and it was great. I also was caught on tv from one of the cameras. Meeting a wrestler was awesome too. I love wrestling and I always will.